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Lennart Smidt is a jazzpianist, composer and musical director currently based in Amsterdam. After growing up around classical music in Hannover, Germany, he started his musical studies at the „Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien Hannover“ in 2011, taking lessons a.o. from Bernd Homann and Simon Nabatov. Looking for a more international environment, he continued his studies 2013 in Groningen, Netherlands, took part in the „New York comes to Groningen“ jazz studies programme with lessons from musicians like Marc van Roon, Jasper Soffers, David Berkman and Adam Nussbaum. He graduated with a „Bachelor of Music - Jazzpiano“ in 2016. As an arranger, musical producer and organiser he started the intercultural ensemble „Asambura“ together with composer colleague Maximilian Guth in 2013 in Hannover, bringing together singers from Mtae (Tanzania) with classically trained and pop musicians from Germany. After a week of rehearsing, recording and the presentation of a final concert in Hannover, the ensemble presented its first CD in 2013. The journey continued in a study trip to Tanzania in 2014. Since his years as a teenager, Smidt can be heard playing solo as well as leading ensembles. At the same time as finishing the jazz Bachelor, his first EP „Take.Off“ was presented in the year 2016, featuring Dutch vocalist Hiske Oosterwijk and New York drummer Matt Wilson, next to Turkish bassist Esat Ekinciouglu. As a musical director, he curated the music of the jazz-poetry series „Round Midnight“ in Hannover for several years, inviting musicians from abroad to join him in unique duo settings, creating musical answers to selected poems. Together with Brazilian filmmaker Bernardo Zanotta, their first duo work „Forgotten Matters“ was presented 2017 in the film festivals „Back to the future“ (Rotterdam, NL) and „Free Fringe“ (Amsterdam, NL). Extended analogue cinema and sound techniques are used to create an interlocked performance piece. Currently he’s working on his solo album „Pace“, reflecting on musical study trips to Brazil and Africa, as well as putting together new Amsterdam based free-jazz-folk band „Perplex“.